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Before Your First Visit

- please read the "using your insurance" page

-if you choose to use your insurance please contact them PRIOR to your appointment to confirm the following

1) is my therapist " in network"

2) do I have a deductible to meet?

3) what is my co-pay

4) Do I need pre-authorization for services?

5) How may sessions do I get in a year?

6) does my insurance cover elemental health?

- complete the following forms found on the "forms" page

* Client information

*Adult intake ( if seeking couples therapy each spouse will complete their own adult intake)

* Insurance information (if applicable)

*Office policies

Please read the HIPPA form and then print and complete the "Reciept of HIPPA form"

* NO/SHOW Credit card authorization form

* Telemedicine Consent Form

Please arrive at least 10 min before your appointment with your forms completed and wait in the lobby until your therapist comes out to greet you.