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Specialties/Areas of Interest

* Couples assessment and ongoing therapy using evidenced based Gottman treatment model and Emotion Focused Couples Therapy

* Trauma using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

* Increasing Peak performance in occupation, sports/athletics or role as a performer in the art/entertainment industry.

*Anxiety/panic attacks and performance anxiety

* Depression

*Perinatal/postnatal mental health

*weight loss/weight managment

*using food and nutrition to improve mood,sleep and energy level

*stress management and adjustment issues

*job loss/career counseling

*working with the hispanic/latino population

* geriatric mental health(recieved geriatric mental health certificate June 2011)

*grief and loss

*sexual abuse trauma and/or other current or past trauma


*chronic health conditions

*woman's issues

*working with military families